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Decorating Tips for July


Greenview Village, Manchester, NH Apartments  This month, we're sharing a few apartment decorating suggestions. Take some time to redecorate with new pillows, artwork, and more.


Welcome back to the Greenview Village Blog! This month, we’re sharing a few apartment decorating suggestions. Take some time to redecorate different areas of your Manchester, NH apartment with new pillows and blankets, artwork, photos of your friends, and more. Today is all about finding a new vibe in your apartment home. Have some decorating suggestions of your own? Share in the comments below so all of our residents can benefit. Thanks for reading!



If you think it’s time to upgrade your furniture, take some time to browse these bright and colorful options. Want gray instead? Check out these gray interior photos on Pinterest for inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a new look or something more comfortable than you already have, July is the perfect time to browse new options.


If you don’t find anything you like when visiting the former links, you can always head your own search online or in person. Try visiting your favorite furniture store in Manchester to speak to someone that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Pillows and blankets

We love the idea of finding colorful pillows and blankets because even if you have a few that you already like to throw over your couch, you can always find more and mix things up when you want a change of scenery. These can really set a tone for a room because they’re the finishing touches to an area that should feel welcoming. They catch the eye and give a great focus point of a room. You can find all sorts of decorative pillows and blankets from World Market, another online store, or a brick-and-mortar one.


Photos and art

These can add artistic and homey vibes to a room, so choose your favorite photos to display on the walls or to put in a frame to add personality to a shelf. You can do a lot with photo gallery walls, so decide on a color scheme and style that works for you. Everything from the colors of your prints to the colors, materials, and styles of your frames should work together to create a unified, pleasing effect.