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Indoor Activities for Kids

Greenview Village, Manchester, NH  As the weather gets colder, indoor activities are a must! Read today's blog for some favorite fall activities.

Welcome back to the Greenview Village blog! February is finally here. That means we’ve passed through many of the major holidays and are still in the cold weather until spring. Today, we’re focusing on the cold weather and indoor activities. With the weather still cold here in Manchester, NH, it’s a good idea to plan some indoor activities, especially if you have any little ones running around your apartment. We have a few activities that are sure to keep people of all ages entertained.


A great indoor activity that is quick and easy to set up inside is this Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe idea! Pumpkins may be hard to come by this time of year, so why not substitute them with something else? This project shows us just how creative you can be with everyday objects. Have a set of plastic cups you aren’t using? Setup a game of cup tic tac toe. Better yet, put together a few hearts for a Valentine’s Day-themed game. The game catches the eye, is as easy to set up as it is to take down, and will help entertain kids and guests for quite a while.


If you’d like, you can make other games like this. If you have cups or hearts (or another object of your choosing), why not follow the same setup but make it bigger? This way, you can turn any table into a large checkerboard. The options are endless. If you have kids, have fun involving them so they can make an activity that they want to play.


Making a big picture is always fun. As long as you have enough floor space cleared, lay out a giant sheet of construction or butcher paper and crayons for a fun way to keep a kid distracted. If you need to entertain guests that are a little older, they can play life-size Pictionary with the same items.


This next one can get a little messy, but it’s a great change of pace. We’re talking about painting the windows (with washable paint, of course!). Make your own window paint by following simple instructions. You’ll need dish soap and Tempera Paint, but that’s about it! Some people even commented on alternative methods to achieve the same results.


Check out what Crystal Clark said: “We made some with shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring. Adora loves to color in with these in the shower :) We have the perfect glass shower doors for this fun project.” Of course, we recommend that shaving cream should stay in the bath or shower for an easier cleanup.


We hope you enjoyed reading about three simple indoor activities that are perfect for kids and guests of all ages. Being inside does not mean the fun has to stop. Sometimes you’re required to think a little more creatively, especially if you want to keep people engaged and off of their electronic devices.


Share your experiences trying out these ideas or any others you have in the comments below. Thanks for reading!