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Make Your Own Cereal

Greenview Village, Manchester, NH  Enjoy breakfast this month by making these classic cereals in your apartment! From Lucky Charms to Reese's Puffs, enjoy!

This month, our Greenview Village Blog invites you to spend some time in your kitchen here in Manchester, New Hampshire. For many of us, a bowl of cereal is what gets us started each day. Instead of heading out to the grocery store and purchasing your favorite boxes of cereal, why not try to make your favorites in your apartment? This week, we’re highlighting recipes for a few classic bowls of cereal.


Corn Flakes

Many recipes (not necessarily for breakfast) require corn flakes. Instead of going out to buy a whole box of cereal, of which you’ll only need to use a cup, why not make some? This recipe is a great reimagining of the classic breakfast cereal.


Cocoa Puffs

Here’s another breakfast favorite. Included in the ingredients are flour, cocoa powder, salt, honey, and greek yogurt. They take about 15 minutes to bake and should be good for about a week. If you like chocolate, you might want to make more than this recipe calls for.


Heather, of Well Floured, said, “The puffs are very chocolaty and slightly sweet; if you like a sweeter cereal simply add a few tablespoons of sugar to the dough. I should have made a larger batch because these didn’t live to see morning.”


Lucky Charms

This one can be quite the challenge for many, but if you’re up for diving in then go for it! This is a breakfast that you aren’t sure to forget anytime soon. While shaping the marshmallows to the shapes of your choice is a fun idea, it takes a lot of hard work to finish. The result, however, makes the hard work worthwhile. It’s a colorful accomplishment that anyone would be proud of attaining.


Apple Jacks

From preparation until completion, this recipe takes about an hour to complete. Enjoy the flavorful combination of freeze-dried apples, cinnamon, and sugar.



Making a cereal that has been people’s favorite for generations is actually quite remarkable, and each spoonful is delicious. While the process of making homemade Cheerios is tedious — rolling tiny balls, poking a hole through each of them — it’s very enjoyable and, dare we say, therapeutic? We think so. Yes, just like making any of these cereals, it might take quite a bit of time out of your morning before you’re finished, but the results are worth it.


Homemade Cheerios are a bit larger and puffier than the ones you’ll find in the store, but the flavor and crunch of each bite is perfection.


Reese’s Puffs

What could be a more exciting breakfast treat than your very own bowl of homemade Reese’s Puffs? Not much. While the recipe yields about two cups of cereal, the result is filling — even if you’ve been known to eat a lot of cereal each morning. Yes, this recipe should make enough for you.


We hope you enjoyed these recipes. Do you have a favorite breakfast cereal? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!